More Old Pictures

The Ne’er Do Wells in Eureka, around 1991.
Anna Joy and Annie from Blatz.
Molly and Phyllis from Raooul at Gilman, 1993.
Janelle Blarg and Dave EC. Photo by Murray Bowles.
Jake Filth, with Jim Filth in the background. Photo by Murray Bowles.
James “Put Down That Skinhead” Washburn. Photo by Murray Bowles.
Yours truly at Gilman, 1989. Don’t know who took the photo.
In the pit at Gilman, 1987 or 88. Photo by Murray Bowles.
More pit action at Gilman. The guy in the middle, Richard Howard-Gibbon, played bass in the Lookouts at one point. Photo by Murray Bowles.
Something to do with Isocracy, I’m guessing, though that looks like Mark from Scherzo on the microphone.
Photo by Murray Bowles.


Members of the Naked Lady Wrestlers heckle Isocracy.
Photo by Murray Bowles.


Walter Glaser and I ensure proper decorum is maintained at the Gilman entrance. Photo by Murray Bowles.
Tre Cool on Green Day’s first English tour, 1991. No idea who took the photo.
Claude of “Quit Talkin'” fame. Photo by Murray Bowles.
Jeff Ott of Crimpshrine and Fifteen. Photo by Murray Bowles.
Jesse Luscious at Gilman.
Phyllis playing drums with Raooul.
One of the best ever pictures of Operation Ivy, in my opinion. By Murray Bowles, naturally.
Jesse Michaels of Operation Ivy does the two-step with Paul Monsula. Photo by Murray Bowles.
Danny Panic of Screeching Weasel. Not sure who took the photo.
The Rolling Scabs at Gilman, 1987. Photo by Murray Bowles.
Dr. Frank with the Mr. T Experience. I wouldn’t swear to it, but I think that’s Johnny Hell in the foreground.
Not positive this photo is by Murray Bowles, but it’s in black and white, so it must be.

12 thoughts on “More Old Pictures

  • Wow Larry, these are pretty great.

  • My favorite is the one of the pit at Gilman. So much movement!

  • photos are excellent. hiding anymore?

  • Larry Livermore

    Plenty more where those came from!

    • Rebecca Jung

      Found an image of myself here…in the group shot of Jesse dancing with Paul at Gilman.

  • the confused kid

    Amazing. I have a question. Did tre cools dad actually let him smoke weed?

  • Randy Mills (flesh)

    I can confirm for certain that is Terrence “Johnny Hell” Neuman.

  • Wow – stumbled across this while reminiscing my youth and wanting to find a decent pic of Jesse Michaels from Op Ivy (so I could remember again how hot he was – muscially and physically!). And damn Dave EC doesn’t look that good anymore! (sorry Dave)

    Great collection – would love to see more if you get the time to post. Maybe one of Sam I Am, or the Skin Flutes, or anyone from about ’86-’91? I miss Gilman. 🙁

  • the rolling scab guitarist with the mohawk is currently in a mental health facility in ca. and often talks about his punk rock days. I just cant say where.


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