Mendocino County Archive

  • A Town Called Laytonville

    A Town Called Laytonville

    Ed. Note: This article originally appeared in the Anderson Valley Advertiser, most likely in the spring of 1989.  If anyone...

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  • Return To The Emerald Triangle

    Return To The Emerald Triangle

    Contrary to Thomas Wolfe’s dictum, you can indeed go home again. It’s just that there’s no guarantee home will be...

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  • O, Laytonville!

    O, Laytonville!

    “Hey,” my nephew said, “that place you used to live is in the newspaper.” And so it was; in a...

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  • Deep In December

    Deep In December

    I apologize for having left this site devoid of new content for so long, but I’ve been devoting most of...

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  • Spy Rock Memories, Part One

    Spy Rock Memories, Part One

    My first trip up Spy Rock Road must have been late in the summer of 1980.  My brother-in-common-law had bought...

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  • Meet The Lookouts

    Meet The Lookouts

    I’d been trying to start a punk rock band for at least two or three years, but The Lookouts finally...

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