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  • Weed And The Beeb

    Weed And The Beeb

    I should start by saying that I don’t know Justin Bieber. Never met the kid, never seen him perform, don’t...

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  • Drugs And Money

    Drugs And Money

    December 1967, with the bleak gray harshness of a Michigan winter just beginning to bite.  I was hanging out at...

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  • O, Laytonville!

    O, Laytonville!

    “Hey,” my nephew said, “that place you used to live is in the newspaper.” And so it was; in a...

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  • This Day In History: February 4, 1968

    This Day In History: February 4, 1968

    For many years afterward I’d approach this date with deep, dark trepidation, convinced that some sort of disaster was certain...

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