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  • Cars, Bikes, and People

    Cars, Bikes, and People

    I’m waiting, with a dozen other people, to cross Metropolitan Avenue. Mothers escorting kids home from school, hipsters languidly examining...

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  • Old Friends

    Old Friends

    My nephew just turned 15, and I’m pretty sure that even if I weren’t related to him, I’d be telling...

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  • Snow Days

    Snow Days

    It started innocently enough: the storm begins on Sunday morning. Schadenfreudists – and I know there are many of you...

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  • These People Seem Rather Cross About Something

    These People Seem Rather Cross About Something

    I can’t help thinking I’m falling for some meta-textual “I know you think you know what I think you know...

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  • In A Seaside Town

    In A Seaside Town

    To many, especially those steeped in the miserabilist aesthetic of Morrissey, the notion of a “seaside town” is unmistakably English,...

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  • Super, Just Super

    Super, Just Super

    No, this isn’t really about the Super Bowl, though congratulations are in order to the New Orleans Saints for a...

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  • On The Brooklyn Beat

    On The Brooklyn Beat

    I don’t know what’s come over me lately, but after a lifetime of being at best grudgingly content about where...

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