The Potatomen Archive

  • Going To Humboldt

    Going To Humboldt

    One of my big regrets about the Potatomen – yes, I’ve had a few – was that we never finished...

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  • Fear And Self-Loathing

    Fear And Self-Loathing

    The other night a good friend came back to town with his band after a successful mini-tour around the Northeast...

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  • Man About Town

    Man About Town

    I’ve really been kind of a zombie lately. For, oh, like the past year or two. Or maybe the past...

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  • On The Avenue

    On The Avenue

    I have a habit of writing songs that go with stories or stories that go with songs, and this is...

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  • Satan Lives At The End Of My Street

    Satan Lives At The End Of My Street

    This story was originally published in Lookout #38, in early 1993. It’s about living in a mill town, namely Eureka,...

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  • The Potatomen

    The Potatomen

    We got our start on a slack day in 1992 at the Lookout Records “office” (aka my bedroom). We used...

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