The Lookouts Archive

  • Going To Humboldt

    Going To Humboldt

    One of my big regrets about the Potatomen – yes, I’ve had a few – was that we never finished...

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  • Winter 2012

    Winter 2012

    It’s been months, has it?  Well, I guess it has, and while I feel guilty for having let this splendid...

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  • Travels With My Nephew

    Travels With My Nephew

    Teenagers often get a bad rap, and to be fair, they often deserve one. Not so with my nephew Jackson,...

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  • More Old Pictures

    More Old Pictures

    Dr. Frank with the Mr. T Experience. I wouldn’t swear to it, but I think that’s Johnny Hell in the...

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  • Meet The Lookouts

    Meet The Lookouts

    I’d been trying to start a punk rock band for at least two or three years, but The Lookouts finally...

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